Who am I? The biggest existential question we all have.

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A creative at heart

When I first stepped foot into Mexico City, I was blown away.
It was the city of colors.
I felt excited, welcomed and blessed.
It reminded me what design and creativity meant to me.
Every illustration, placement of typography, animation and experience I’ve created had the goal of letting people feel something.

Growing up, people loved putting me in a box.

Being the rebel I am,

whatever I didn’t major or specialise in in school but was simply curious or interested in, I simply learnt it on my own - from graphic design and user experience design to programming and mixed reality (and even cooking might I add).

I love challenging the status quo and going...

Out of the box

I could think in a box too, if I wanted to 😎

3D Multi-View Slider

As a creative, I like to follow my heart.
Right now, my heart is head over heels
for impactful designing in:

AR/VR Experiences
Empathetic Experiences
Storytelling (animation)
Music Explorations
That’s not all folks
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Not a superhero, but here’s my origin story no one asked for:

My earliest memory was picking up a pencil and creating a whole other world on a piece of paper. The rest was history as I fell in love with all things art. Over the years, I developed a second passion for solving problems and the satisfaction that came with it - the kind that you feel after solving a really difficult math problem, or when your code successfully works after trying for the millionth time. It soon became clear to me that this was what I was meant to do - design and problem solving; it was the perfect blend between my right and left brain. And that’s how I began my journey in bringing vision and execution together through design, empathy and storytelling.

Viv’s Secret Sauce to solving problems

Yes, even life problems; don’t be too surprised if I draw up a persona of you when thinking of solutions to your problems.

01. Understand

Asking the right questions

Deep-dive into the root of the problem by conducting extensive formative primary (qualitative, quantitative, contextual inquiry, heuristic reviews) and secondary research (market research, competitive analyses).

02. Unpack

Analysing insights

Synthesizing findings from understanding users into personas, affinity diagrams, user journey maps, storyboards, sitemaps, and making laser-focused and data-backed prioritisations.

03. Unify

Designing with empathy

As a designer who can code, I strive to create pixel perfect designs that are not only focused on solving the problem at hand but also adhering to technical best practices.

04. Update

Making data-backed decisions through dialogic communication

Usability testing at every step of the design process to ensure data-driven design decisions through a constant feedback loop.

That’s not all folks
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If I were a product, this would be my unique selling point:

Trained in interaction design and communication studies, I always strive to empathize user’s pain points and systematically devise the most suitable solutions to create the best possible experience. As a skilled communicator with knowledge from various disciplines, I am able to communicate efficiently with people from all walks of life, from technical backgrounds to business ones, value-adding to the product’s life-cycle. 

If I were in an elevator with you, this would be my pitch:

I’m a self-starter and strategist who is detail-oriented, learns fast, thinks critically, communicates well across disciplines and strongly believes the very cliche yet very true saying “teamwork makes the dream work”. Why do I do what I do, you may ask? To hopefully help the world empathize a little better and maybe, just maybe it'll be a kinder place to live in.

Featured in the media-

As an asian woman in tech, women rights and minority activist, I am passionate about creating experiences that empower those without a voice and make a difference through purposeful and powerful (not just pretty) designs. Combined with my love with all things startup, here are some side hustles I’ve worked on:

Up and Out: A social initiative championing for holistic sex education, sparking conversation around sex, sexual violence and more.

With.Network: Mentoring for the less privileged.

That’s not all folks
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Questions I get asked (a lot)

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Where are you currently based?

I'm currently based in New York City, the big apple!

Where are you from?

Contrary to popular belief (due to my last name), I am not Vietnamese, I’m Singaporean :)

How do I pronounce your last name?

My last name is Ngiam (/Nee-yum/: silent g)

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What do you do for fun?

Things that bring a smile to my face: Sushi, karaoke, hammocks by the beach, making exercise fun - from aerial yoga to trapeze!

What languages do you speak?

English is my first language, my mother tongue is Mandarin Chinese, I have some residual conversational Korean knowledge and I’m learning Spanish (Hola, cómo estás?)

That’s not all folks
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